Friday, September 7, 2007

Interpreting Dreams

So I'm not very good at deciphering what my dreams mean. Frankly, I'm not so sure that they mean anything at all, but I had a strange one last night.

I dreamed that I was up in a tree very, very high off the ground. Below me, I could clearly see a cat. This cat was searching all over the field for something and seemed to be getting frustrated. I started looking around to see if I could spot what he was looking for since I had such a good vantage point.

Then I realized: the cat was looking for me. Only he wasn't looking in any of the right places. Not even close!

So I sat in the tree and laughed pretty hard at the cat. It was kind of hilarious to watch him looking so hard for something he was never going to find. After all, he wasn't even close about any of his assumptions as to where I was.

Anyway, right in the middle of a good, hardy chuckle my alarm went off and I ran into the living room to watch Robin & Company.

What a morning.


Vitali said...

Hmm, let me try...

Tree is probably associated with knowledge, the cat is an opponent who thinks he knows more than you (hence looking down), but actually knows less (since you are sitting higher).

Yet, why cat and not some other animal? Cats can climb fast. As soon as it notices you, it can climb easily on the same level.

Does it makes sense? Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

You mean that after that great picture a couple of posts ago, the higher ups at TEDS haven't found you yet?

I'm begining to question their commitment to their faculty and their research skills. Maybe there's a downturn at the School that is being overshadowed by your amazing evangelical skills Don.

Is your awesomeness covering up so overshadowing the rest of the faculty that their incompetence rests out of view, in the shade of your vast wonderrificness?

Keep it up Dragon.

Chaka said...

So a cat is unable to find you. A cat named Felix, I surmise from the picture. Would this cat's office be in the basement of the chapel?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous satire is lacking in courage, no matter how clever. It's easy to criticize in another's name, but lacks integrity if you truly respect Dr. Carson. And ironically, it will probably be irritating to you that this comment is published as 'anonymous'.

D. A. Carson said...

Actually, it doesn't bother us a bit. Thanks for stopping by!