Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tomorrow: You Be the Jury

Well, kiddos, daddy can't protect you from the truth anymore.  You see, behind the scenes, the administration of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School has been working pretty hard to get us to shut this site down.

We have great respect for all of those who have been in touch with us, even if we don't agree with the way in which they've handled it or the conclusions that they've reached.

So here's the thing: tomorrow The Secret Diary of D. A. Carson will be laying most of our cards out on the table: we'll tell a lot about who we are (no, we're not giving names; the administration has, unfortunately, made that impossible at this point), why we started the site, and what kind of reaction we've had so far.  We'll explain the controversy and the decisions that we are being faced with.

And at the end of the article, we're going to ask your opinion on what we should do next.  That's right, the fate of this blog will be largely determined by its readership which is up now to over 150 unique visitors a day with each visitor averaging almost 9 minutes per visit.

We hope you'll visit us Friday and throughout the weekend in order to weigh in via email or comment.

As always, thanks for stopping by: we really appreciate you guys.


Jonathan said...

i find it intresting that Steve Jobs, who basically could write any software to shut down his secret diary, is fine to let it run; whereas as soon as any christian seems to 'question' or satire any authority figure, heads start to roll.

i reason i like this blog is that you do not view those in authoirty as untouchable...

Paul Schafer said...

I have enjoyed this blog, because it's satire and humorous. I hope this blog hasn't offended Dr. Carson reputation, but only enhances it. I'd say keep the blog up.

jason allen said...

Keep it. Fight the man. The Don surely isn't afraid of administrators. I bet the administrators are not only intimidated by the Dragon but feel a bit inferior in the presence of such greatness.

Anonymous said...

please do not post.

I'm guessing you either already know or have guessed this, but the man himself is behind the administrative concern. Apparently, he is honestly offended by your endeavor. I do not envy the position that puts you in, but I do think that it is something you will have to deal with with him.

Anonymous said...

I just found this flog today. I love Carson. I also have to say that I think what you're doing is hilarious. If you truly find out Carson is offended by what you're doing, I would suggest shutting down the site. However, until then I hope you have the gumption to continue.

Anonymous said...

Just like the writers of the Wittenburg Door found, satire is only funny when it's about the other guy. Yet satire does have its place in helping us see those foibles, blind spots--verily, shall I say--sins, that so easily entangle us. Not only can this be helpful to The Don, it should be a cautionary word to the rest of us. Would not his insistence that he is above such satire prove the salience of your posts?

Let me add that I too am a TEDS grad who has appreciated (& still appreciates) the ministry of Carson over the years. American Evangelicalism as a whole has some repenting and changing to do, and inasmuch as your site is able to shed some humorous light on this topic, please do keep the blog going.