Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm Back and I'm Not Happy

Once our flight got underway, it was actually quite lovely.  I worked on my laptop for a few hours and then got a little sleep.

And then I returned to my home in Libertyville only to find the above picture posted all over the internets.  Seriously folks, is this what it's come to?  Posting a picture on your Flickr account of Dear Old Don that says he wants to kill you?

I realize my quizzes and tests are brutal, but I rarely shoot people with frickin' laser beams from my frickin' eyeballs.  

I leave that stuff to the professionals.  Do you see?


mr. Wolf said...

Just so you'll know, I wasn't the one who posted the pic.

Please don't kill me, D.A. Carson!

Gwenevere said...

Um, I've heard you say things like "I think she just wants to make sure I make the flippin' flight." Is "frickin'" your prefered epithet in the blog world?

Inquiring minds wish to know...

D. A. Carson said...

"Frickin'" is a reference to Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers films.

Does that answer your frickin' question?

The Don