Sunday, August 19, 2007

"The Seven Woes of the Don" #3: Woe to the Dead Chapel Attendees

I'll just be really honest with you up front: I don't attend every chapel service.  I mean, I have a LOT to do during the day.  Do you have any idea how many people send me their crappy books they've written in hopes of getting me to write a blurb of praise for the book jacket?  No?  Well take a guess. 
Go on.  Guess.  I'll wait.

WRONG!!! Multiply the number you just came up with by 1,000!  It's ridiculous.

But I digress...

So anyway, I don't go to chapel very often, but when I do I notice a very disturbing trend: people enter the foyer with smiles on their faces and laughs in their belly.  But somehow, in the 15 feet between the door to the foyer and the door to the lobby, their faces change to look much more like Elvis Presley.  And yes, I realize he's dead.  That's the point.

Most people actually come into the chapel looking like corpses.

I realize we generally have a somber chapel service.  I realize that a lot of times we talk about serious issues like the AIDS crises in Africa, the depravity of man, and the current hardships facing Evangelicalism in the 21st century.  

But we also serve a glorious, holy, and altogether wonderful God.  It's okay to be happy about that.

Plus I'm tired of seeing all the worship leaders having to act like little monkeys to put a smile on your faces.  If you can't be happy for the Lord, at least have compassion on the evaporating dignity  of those guys and gals.

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