Monday, August 13, 2007

Stuck in the Airport Answering Questions

I'm exhausted.  After teaching all weekend at the Cheltenham Bible Festival in the good ol' UK, I'm stuck in an airport in Birmingham and my 7:00 am flight has been delayed.  Thankfully they have free WiFi so life is good again.

I checked my email and saw that I had a few questions from some readers of the blog and thought I might take some time to answer them.  Thanks for writing in, by the way, because the Don loves to answer questions

1.  "Don: You're 60 years old and you've never had a website before.  Why start blogging now?"

Great question.  I knew if I wanted to blog I'd have to do it in the morning and post it later in the day or evening.  However, my morning, from start to finish, is very tightly scheduled.  

I wake up at 5:00 am sharp; I shower, shave and dress by 5:03 am; by 5:05 I've had breakfast and read the morning paper; at 5:06 I watch Robin & Company on CNN for 4 minutes(more because Robin is cute than because she's a good reporter); by 5:11 I've locked myself in my study where I remain writing and reading until I leave for TEDS at 6:00.

Now this is the tricky part: I only have 49 minutes to read my first book of the day and write three chapters of whatever book I'm composing at the time.  Because that schedule is so tight I never thought I would have time to do anything else but those things.  However, last week I began calculating and realized that if I took 3 less sips of coffee during that time, I could also write a blog entry.

So I did.

2.  "Hey, D. A.!  Your blog makes me laugh!"

Thanks, but that's not a question.

3.  "Dr. Carson my friend and I have been wondering if you could explain the deontological ethical implications of the phenomenalogical realm and the ontological being.  Thanks."

Two problems here:
  1. You misspelled "phenomenalogical" (it's "phenomenological")
  2. This is a pithy blog post, not the Gagging of God.
Sorry folks, but I only have three sips to write these things in the morning.  I'm not saying I'll never wax theology on this blog, but I can't be dolling out free theological lectures and answering every convoluted question you guys think up.  

That's what you pay TEDS $22,000 a year for.


mr. Wolf said...

Is that airport in Birmingham, Alabama? Why would you be there?

Sorry your mornings are so hectic, D. A., but thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts down for us average people.

D. A. Carson said...

No, Mr. Wolf, not the one in Alabama. I haven't been to that state in many years. I have a good reason for that, but I don't know that I should leak it onto the internets for all to see...

This Birmingham is in the UK; you know, the same nation as Cheltenham where the conference I was flying back from was held? It's a lovely city and I recommend you visit some time.

The Birmingham in Alabama? Yeah, not so much...